Competence for individual and world-wide winding technology

In the exciting world of winding systems an winding components for the processing machinery industry, you can relax and completely rely on our experience and competence.

Our experience for your requirements

For more than 60 years, customers from all over the world have trusted in our professional know-how, the products we have proudly and carefully creaeted, as well as our comprehensive services.

We are one of the world`s most important manufacturers of high quality Core Chucks, Winding Shafts and other Winding Elements.

Our products for your purposes

Our comprehensive range offers, in addition to convincing standard products from the in-house think tank, and the complementary distribution of handling and logistics products, primarily custom-developed winding components.

As a manufacturer of custom-built special constructions for demanding applications, we have made a name for ourselves, due to many years of practical experience.

Our experties for your requirements

Among other things, our development, which has been documented for many years, enables us to achieve a high level of competence and professionalism.

Our focus is on individual and holistic customer requirements, with the aim of providing you with the highest possible economic efficiency an sustainability. With excellent service from engineering to delivery, the greatest possible flexibility an exceptional reliability, we ensure that we remain a dependable and stable partner in the future.

With open eyes an ears in the market, we continue to develop passionate an innovative winding technology with a view to the future, to provide you with the optimal customer solution.

We provide you with our knowledge an skills to make visions a reality.