SDJ Core Chuck Standard

  • Core inner diameter from 70 to 152.4 mm
  • Expansion way 44mm
  • Load from 12`500 N/Chuck to 25`000 N/Chuck
  • Torque from 300 Nm to 1`060 Nm
  • Maximum productivity thanks to minimal changeover and maintenance times


SDJ Easy Service Concept

Increase your productivity with minimal maintenance costs

SDJ Core Chucks with Easy-Service-Concept

Maintenance in less than 5 minutes WITHOUT removing the Core Chuck!

For us it’s a matter of course. And for you? The SDJ Core Chucks from the company Schlumpf AG minimize maintenance costs and shorten maintenance times to a few minutes.

Our SDJ Core Chucks for the axle-free up-and-down path-shaped materials guarantee trouble-free operation, meaning your machine is easily and efficiently maintained.

Do not put your highest value asset at risk and secure your ROI with proper investment.

Our Core Chucks help you to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, whether you roll weights up to 9 tons mechanically or pneumatically.
The SDJ Core Chucks, which guarantee maximum flexibility due to their unique adaptation method, are capable of winding core up to 600 mm.

We would be pleased to advise you from the design of your solution to the implementation and execution.

«Anyone can count on investing in intelligently designed components!»

Unique Easy-Service-Concept

Maintenance in less than 5 minutes WITHOUT removing the Core Chuck!

Product features

SDJ Core Chucks are actuated by compressed air via an integrated piston. They clamp the core exactly in the center and have an incomparably large expansion range.

Thanks to the Easy-Service-Concept, normal cleaning and maintenance work is carried out from the outside without removal of the Core Chuck from the machine.

SDJ Core Chucks can be quickly and easily adapted to other core diameters by using adapter jaws. This covers a winding range of 70 mm to over 300 mm. The adaptation is carried out on the machine without disassembling the Core Chuck.

The advantages of SDJ:

  • large expansion range
  • minimal conversion and maintenance times Easy-Service-Concept
  • can be changed on any core diameter
  • also available in spring tension design

Technical specifications